In the Moravian Church today confirmation follows a period of instruction in the doctrines, practices, and heritage of the church.  Education for confirmation is the task, not of the pastor only, but of the parents and the church.  All Christians must provide the knowledge and experience of what it means to be a Christian so that the young person can see in action and understand the faith he or she is to confirm.

Through baptism one becomes a full member of the church, as through birth one becomes a full member of a family.  Through confirmation one enters into fuller participation in the responsibilities and privileges of church membership.  This includes regular participation in worship, the giving of financial support according to ability, commitment to serve the church and the larger community, and bearing witness to the love of God for the world.

Kelsey and Ava Neddersen, Elli Opitz – 2008

Upon completion of the confirmation program, the candidates publicly confess their faith.  Palm Sunday and Pentecost Sunday are two common times for this service.  However, some congregations confirm candidates whenever they are ready. Confirmation is a significant commitment for a young adolescent to make.  It is an empowering for the journey, not the destination.  Continued participation in youth programs, church school, worship, retreats, and service to the community is expected.

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